In order to better communicate what is new and developing, Great Lakes Health Connect offers two (2) half-hour update meetings per quarter. These Virtual Update Meetings provide a timely and focused forum to share information across the state with deployment and business leads as well as strategic partners.

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December 5 – The plan, the map, and courage to press on

It has been a year of accomplishments and creativity for Great Lakes Health Connect participants! In this meeting, GLHC CEO Doug Dietzman will share the highlights and the vision for 2019. Several key areas of the care continuum and the state are now connected to each other to enhance care and reduce the cost of care.

The first big thing in 2019 is the makeover of VIPR, the community health record. Listen in to learn about the benefits of the change, when you can attend training, and when the big change is coming!

Lastly, Kate Meyer, GLHC Development Director, will share how the GLHC Referral Application will play a key role in a new approach from MDHHS to address diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

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October 24 – Transitions of Care

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) defines “transitions of care” as the movement of a patient from one care setting; hospital, ambulatory primary care practice, ambulatory specialty care practice, long-term care, home health, rehabilitation facility; to another care setting. Great Lakes Health Connect is strengthening connections between post-acute care organizations and individuals so that we all can gain insight and understanding about how to enhance care transitions.

These insights and lessons learned will be the focus of the October 24 Virtual Update Meeting. Other meeting topics include recapping the 2018 Summit Series, previewing HIT community events, announcing the latest VIPR contributors, reporting the growth in patient care document submission, and lastly revealing the 2019 Virtual Update Meeting schedule.

September 12

National Speakers, Advancing Medical Research, and Health Information for 10 Million Patients

During this Virtual Update Meeting we’ll be talking about the two national health information technology speakers coming to Michigan this fall, how one Michigan hospital is contributing to medical research, what essential health information is available (and what is not available) in the GLHC Community Health Record, and more news about Michigan’s growing health information exchange capabilities! Listen in to learn about the great things happening in Michigan’s healthcare ecosystem!

June 20

Referral Application and WebDirect Upgrades

Great Lakes Health Connect is in the final stages of releasing a major upgrade to the Referral Application.  Used by over 1,000 medical offices and community organizations across the state, the tool is a secure system for end-to-end referral transparency, efficiently bridging the communication gap between providers.

A web version of the GLHC Direct Address / Secure Messaging service is also now available! WebDirect allows you to electronically exchange (send, view, manage) messages directly from your EMR/EHR or from the GLHC Direct application.

May 9, 2018

Responding to Crisis, Working Together

The number of Americans living with Diabetes continues to grow. Healthcare and community organizations across the state are responding to the crisis by using technology to enhance and better coordinate diabetes care. GLHC is proud to be part of the solution, assisting Diabetes Prevention Programs and PCP to connect and manage referrals electronically. We’ll provide updates during the May 9 Virtual Update Meeting about what is in process and how your organization can be involved.

GLHC has strong positive relationships with nearly all Michigan hospitals. Because of these relationships GLHC is assisting in a research project coordinated by University of Michigan. UM research teams will create a real-time surveillance system of fatal and non-fatal opioid overdoses, called the System for Opioid Surveillance.  When the system is active it will provide insight into the scope of the opioid epidemic, offer law enforcement and public health agencies information about “hotspots”, and will evaluate the healthcare system over time. Attend the May 9 Virtual Update Meeting to learn more!

Following the discussion of Diabetes Prevention Program and the System for Opioid Surveillance, the Virtual Update Meeting will cover upcoming GLHC events, announce new Board members, discuss how you can connect your organization to Michigan’s registries, and more!

March 21, 2018

It’s not just about the tech!

In the past, the only way providers knew a patient’s health history, was by asking the patient. And while patients are still a good source of information, now organizations across the state of Michigan are working together to populate and sustain a Community Health Record. Learn more about how the GLHC Community Health Record, called the Virtual Integrated Patient Record (VIPR), is changing patient care across the state!

Launching from a pilot in Genesee County, GLHC is preparing to release a massive upgrade to the Referral Application in spring 2018. The Referral Application helps care teams and community organizations close the gaps in the coordination and continuity of patient care, supporting both PCMH and programs like MIPS. Be the first to know about the improved features and functionality for tracking, messaging, and overall care coordination.

The March 2018 Virtual Update Meeting follows close on the heels of the February 2018 meeting, where we discussed the GLHC story and reviewed 2017, outlined 2018 plans, and introduced Making Choices Michigan. We hope you can join us on the 21st!

February 7

2018 Planning & Making Choices Michigan Introductions

The redesign of GLHC’s visual identity in fall 2017 provides us the opportunity to review where GLHC has been over the past seven years and where we are going in 2018.   We are excited to introduce you to two Making Choices Michigan staff, both integral to increasing Advance Care Planning across the state.  As we all know, the intersection of technology and healthcare is complex and challenging industry.  In the last part of this meeting we will share updates to GLHC solutions and services.

Resources shared during the meeting:


November 15

Solution Updates & 2017 Highlights

This year has been full of upgrades, growth, and exploration. In this year end Virtual Update Meeting we’ll share information about the recent move to cloud-based Direct Messaging, the care coordination pilot project underway in Genesee County, image enabled results in the community health record (VIPR), and will review Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) and how they are used across the continuum of care. Lastly, we’ll share information about recent deployments, best practices, and how to get more information about GLHC!

Resources shared during the meeting:

September 27 Meeting Review

Getting Information about Patients – whether you’re the PCP or not

At the June Virtual Update Meeting, we outlined Great Lakes Health Connect’s analytics and reporting services. GLHC has the data and the technology tools to provide you with the clinical information that your patients receive at other organizations.

Building on that conversation, this Virtual Update Meeting will focus on the real time notifications that GLHC can provide. This service is subscription based and is available across the continuum of care. This information is of specific importance to care settings/organizations that are not usually identified in the ADT as providers.

Resources shared during the meeting:

June 21 Meeting Review

GLHC Analytics & Reporting Tools – George Bosnjak, Director of Sales and Business Development

We know that patients seek care at multiple healthcare organizations; outside of system physical walls, beyond reporting/tracking reach. This care is just as important as the care that your organization is providing or will provide. Great Lakes Health Connect has the data and the technology tools to provide you with the information about the care that your patients receive at other organizations.  In this presentation we/George Bosnjak, GLHC Director of Sales and Business Development, will go into more detail about the requirements for such analytics/reporting, the volume of data available, how the information adds value, how it can be used to meet new value-based payment models, and show reports that GLHC is already working on for our participants.

Resources shared during the meeting:

May 03 Meeting Review

GLHC is a statewide nonprofit committed to improving how healthcare entities and community organizations use and share patient and population health data. One of the many things that challenges healthcare providers are state and federal regulations, as well as payer incentive programs. GLHC is well positioned to assist healthcare organizations of all kinds in meeting these regulations and participating in these programs. During this Virtual Update Meeting, Mary Graham, GLHC Manager of Community Engagement, will provide brief overview of the programs and will detail the many ways that GLHC can help.

  • Welcome
  • Presentation: Federal, State & Payer Programs – Mary Graham
  • Solution & Service Updates – Emmalilly Hoxsie
  • Business Updates – Emmalilly Hoxsie
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  • Recording

Resources shared during the meeting:

March 22 Meeting Review:

  • Welcome – Mary Graham
  • Presentation: Patent Care Documents – Steve Speiker
  • Solution Updates – Mary Graham
  • Business Updates – Emmalilly Hoxsie

Resources shared during the meeting:

February 8 Meeting Review:

  • Welcome – Mary Graham
  • Presentation: Enhancing Patient Care with VIPR: New Version and More Data Sources – Bryan Bulock
  • Solution Updates – Mary Graham
  • Business Updates – Emmalilly Hoxsie

Resources shared during the meeting:


November 9 Meeting Review:

  • Welcome – Mary Graham
  • Presentation: Busting Referral Myths – Steve Spieker
  • Solution Updates – Mary Graham
  • Business Updates – Emmalilly Hoxsie
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September 21 Meeting Review:

  • Welcome – Mary Graham
  • Presentation: EMR Interfaces – Paul Riker and Drew Spoelstra
  • Solution Updates – Mary Graham
  • Business Updates – Emmalilly Hoxsie
  • Listen to the recording
  • See the slides

August 3 Meeting Review

  • Welcome and Objectives – Mary Graham
  • Presentation: Immunization Query – Emily Depottey
  • Solution Updates – Mary Graham