Value Demonstrated by Ohio HIE Should Sound Familiar to Michigan Healthcare Providers

Written by: GLHC

There is a truism in journalism that says “if it bleeds it leads”. This means that stories that are about bad news have a better chance of being published than more upbeat “good news” stories. The more salacious the better.

Business news outlets are certainly not immune to this approach. Even in a field as specific as Health Information Technology, it is much more common to read about the foibles and failings that organizations experience than it is see new copy celebrating their successes.

That’s what makes a recent story from Crain’s Cleveland Business that much more enjoyable!

Reporter Lydia Coutre profiles the impressive work being accomplished by Clinisync, a health information exchange (HIE) organization serving Northeast Ohio. The article highlights Clinisync’s steady organizational growth as they strive to serve the needs for real-time access to patient information of healthcare providers, hospitals, and community organizations across their state.

Why should what is going on in Ohio be of interest to us here in Michigan? There are a few reasons.

First, there are significant similarities between Clinisync and Great Lakes Health Connect (GLHC). In fact, our organizations collaborate together to send and receive patient data across state lines through our mutual involvement in the Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative’s (SHIEC) Patient Centered Data Home (PCDH) initiative. As Michigan’s leading HIE, GLHC offers the same mission-centered commitment, and solution-focused value to our stakeholders that Clinisync does to theirs.

Lastly, this story presents a positive counter-narrative to the regular drumbeat of stories emphasizing what’s not working in Health IT. The question of value, as it relates to health information exchange has been answered and this is another example. We commend our friends and colleagues at Clinisync for their great work, and congratulate their success!

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