Communicate While Remaining HIPAA Compliant

Support​ ​Meaningful​ ​Use

Healthcare providers need to demonstrate that they are using certified EHR technology in order to remain compliant with Meaningful Use.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 listed three components of Meaningful Use:

  1. The use of a certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) in a meaningful manner.
  2. The electronic exchange of health information to improve quality of health care.
  3. The use of certified EHR technology to submit clinical quality and other measures.

More about Meaningful Use can be found at

​Communicate,​ ​Securely

GLHC supports the second Meaningful Use component through its Health Information Services Provider (HISP) services and Direct Messaging.

Direct Messaging is similar to e-mail with two added features:

  1. All messages and attachments are automatically encrypted
  2. Messages can only be sent or received if both parties have a Direct Messaging address

The Direct Messaging service helps organizations electronically exchange (send, view, manage) messages directly from their EHR or from the GLHC Direct application.

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