Building for the future

The use of a Direct Address for healthcare providers to share patient information works the same as email, but with the addition of secured encryption of the body of the message and any attachments. This encryption protects patient information.

In August 2019, GLHC will transition all Direct Address participants to a new web application. This transition will allow GLHC to continue providing a HIPAA compliant and efficient application for years to come. There will be no interruption in service during this transition.

GLHC standard Direct Address

Great Lakes Health Connect is adopting a standard format of Direct Addresses. Addresses that are in the GLHC standard format have the same sub-domain. A sub-domain is text after the “@” sign in an email address but before The standard sub-domain is “MichiganHISP”. The Direct Address will still be unique to your organization.

For example, a pediatrics office named Second Pediatrics might currently have the Direct Address of As GLHC transitions to the new Direct Message management web tool the organization can choose to change to the GLHC standard format. The organization’s Direct Address would change to




  • No implementation or maintenance fee.
  • Continued seamless delivery of Direct Messages.
  • Seamless transition to the new Direct Message management web tool.
  • Organization is responsible for notifying healthcare community of the change to the organizations Direct Address.

MichiganHISP Migration Timeline

  • Week of 8/12 – Direct Administrators receive new GLHC Direct web link and user training guides from GLHC. Please bookmark and share with all Direct users at your organization.
  • 8/16 – Last day for Direct Administrators to complete the Authorized Business Representative (ABR) form. If the ABR form is not complete by this date then the organization may experience a gap in access to Direct Messages.
  • 8/20 (5:00 pm) – Last day to use the iNexx Command Center Direct and Medicity WebDirect to send/receive Direct Messages. Historical Direct Messages (messages created prior to 8/21) will be continue to be available in iNexx Command Center Direct and Medicity WebDirect for a limited time for reference only.
  • 8/20 (overnight) – Direct Administrators receive email that contains username and temporary password.
  • 8/21 –GLHC Direct becomes available; no historical Direct Messages will be available in the new GLHC Direct web portal. Direct Administrators need to setup user accounts for other staff in the organization.
  • 8/26 – Direct Administrators that completed the ABR after August 16 will receive an email that contains username and temporary password. They may immediately access GLHC Direct and begin using the tool.

Authorized Business Representative (ABR) form

This form begins the identity verification process. Identity verification is required for at least one individual for every organization that uses GLHC Direct. Email the completed form to

The form requires the organization’s FEI/EIN and NPI (if applicable).

The Authorized Business Representative (Direct Administrator who will create/manage Direct user accounts) completing Section II should be a different individual than the one who completes and signs Section III: Organization Officer. The Organization Officer (i.e. Manager of the Authorized Business Representative) completing Section III must have the authority to designate the Authorized Business Representative to act on behalf of the organization.

  • Click HERE to read step-by-step instructions.
  • Click HERE to download the Authorized Business Representative (ABR) form.