Support care coordination and transitions of care across the community

The GLHC Bridge Referral Application makes it easier than ever to coordinate care, keep workflow organized, track referral progress, and message between offices. The upgraded application does not store referral data locally, enhancing the speed and performance of the tool. Future functionalities are in development, including an EMR sensor and additional reporting and tracking capabilities.

Healthcare providers and community service organizations in and around Genesee County have been using the Bridge Referral Application since the fall of 2017. The migration of the statewide network occurred on June 19, 2019. Do not use the iNexx Command Center Referral Application for ANY referral activity or management.

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Referral Network Report

  • List of live offices – updated 03/16/2020 – Excel / PDF


Referral Administrator Information

Every organization using the GLHC Bridge Referral Application has a designated Referral Administrator and Technical Contact.  These contacts help the organization implement, use, and maintain the tool. This section reviews the responsibilities of the Referral Administrator(s).

Referral Administrator User Guides

  • Referral Administrator Training Video

    This 10 minute training video shows Referral Administrators how to manage users and providers, as well as how to modify the questionnaire within the GLHC Bridge Referral Application.

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    Installing the Bridge Referral Application

    Each organization to download and install the Bridge Referral Application. Check out the Installation Guides before beginning the installation process.

    When ready to install, download the software that matches your system or machine type. Either save the file or directly install the application. You will need to do this process for each computer/laptop that will be using the tool.

    Installation Guides

    Installation Links

    If your organization needs a different version of the installation, contact GLHC Support.

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    User Training

    In June 2019, the statewide network of organizations began using the Bridge Referral Application. There are major improvements to the user interface and enhancements to overall speed and performance of the tool. This section explains how to use the Bridge Referral Application to send, receive, and manage referrals.

    Training Video

    This 30 minute training video shows Referral Users the layout of the application and demonstrates how to send, receive, and manage referrals.

    Implementation Consultant Training Sessions

    If your organization has more than 10 users and/or multiple locations, a GLHC Implementation Consultant can come to you! Contact your implementation consultant to set up an appointment!

    User Guides

    Administrator User Guides

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    Getting help with the Bridge Referral Application


    For password issues – including password resets – contact your organization’s Referral Application Administrator.

    For technical questions – contact GLHC Support at or call (844) 454 – 2443, option 2.

    GLHC utilizes technology, but we realize the importance of community and relationships. Our team is statewide and helps healthcare providers and community organizations understand and use the GLHC suite of applications and solutions. We understand regional dynamics, government regulations, and incentive program policies. Contact your GLHC Implementation Consultant!

    Sign up to receive weekly referral application update email – know who is new to the tool, learn tips and tricks, and understand changes happening coming to the application.

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