Regina Holliday – 2019 Summit Series Keynote Speaker

Written by: GLHC

Over the next several months, we are excited to introduce the six individuals who will serve as Keynote Speakers during the GLHC 2019 Summit Series!

2019 Summit Series

The barriers that stand between current state and optimal state of the healthcare system, are complicated and numerous. These barriers prevent organizations and providers from delivering, coordinating, and tracking patient care. By harnessing the power of technology and relationships, we can break down those barriers.

Organizations, departments, teams, and individuals, must create environments that reward and exude creativity, flexibility, and excellence. By connecting these cultural characteristics, we can achieve a fully sustainable and integrated healthcare ecosystem. This is what inspired the theme of the 2019 Summit Series… “Breaking down barriers – connecting cultures of healthcare.”

Over the last five years, the GLHC Summit Series has provided education on the value of health information technology, highlighted the impact across the care continuum, and encouraged the community to maintain momentum in care transformation. This year, our goal is to demonstrate the integral role that patients can and do play as collaborators in this process, and how technology can help facilitate their engagement. Each of this year’s keynote speakers were chosen with that focus in mind.

Regina Holliday

Regina Holliday Patient Rights Activist, Artist, Founder of Walking Gallery

Regina Holliday is a patient advocate, artist, author and speaker known for founding The Walking Gallery of Healthcare. She speaks about the benefits of health information technology and timely data access for patients.

Regina will deliver the morning keynote at the Capital Area Summit on October 23 at the MTG Space in Lansing, MI.

Regina’s Inspiration

The death of her husband, Frederick Allen Holliday II, and the challenges they experienced in managing his care and treatment during his battle with kidney cancer prompted Regina’s advocacy mission. After his death in 2009, Regina was inspired to create a mural on the side of a building in Washington DC depicting their experience. The name of the painting is “73 Cents”. It refers to the per page cost she was required to pay to access her husband’s medical records during his illness.

People quickly took notice and Regina’s artwork became part of the national healthcare debate. USA Today and National Public Radio featured her story. Medical journals, including The British Medical Society, the American Psychological Association, and the National Kidney Foundation, also took note.

Advocacy and Art

Regina is also the founder of an advocacy movement called “The Walking Gallery of Healthcare”. Walking Gallery members work in various healthcare related professions across the care continuum. When attending professional events and conferences, these advocates wear hand painted murals on the backs of business suits and lab coats. Regina and other artists affiliated with the movement create these murals. These original pieces of art tell the owners’ unique patient stories to raise awareness, prompt conversations, and highlight the need for continued vigilance in the quest for person-centered healthcare reform.

See Regina in Michigan

GLHC is thrilled to welcome Regina as a speaker at the 2019 Capital Area Summit. Her personal testimony and mission are an ideal complement to this year’s theme, “Breaking Down Barriers – Connecting Cultures of Healthcare”. Her message is relevant because of the curriculum tracks on the interrelated topics of health information technology, advance care planning, and healthcare policy.

Learn more about Regina on her blog,, or by following her on Twitter, @ReginaHolliday.

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