#RealWorldHIE – Traverse Health Clinic

Written by: Emmalilly Hoxsie

Reducing Duplication and Knowing Patients Better

February 2019

Located in Traverse City, the vision of Traverse Health Clinic is to improve the health and wellness of the community. They maintain high standards of care and work as a professional integrated team. The clinic collaborates with other healthcare providers and organizations and strives to be accessible to all members of the community.

Traverse Health Clinic

Noelle Irmen-Morell, RN and Tena Ellsworth, LPN are Nurse Care Managers at Traverse Health Clinic. An important aspect of their work is matching patients with appropriate services. Prior to making a recommendation, they consult with other healthcare professionals and need to have a holistic understanding of the patients’ health.

Noelle and Tena, as well as the other Care Managers and Quality nurses at Traverse Health clinic use the Great Lakes Health Connect (GLHC) Virtual Integrated Patient Record (VIPR) to gather clinical information about their patients. VIPR gives them insight into what medical care their patients have received at other facilities, especially those who are “out of network”.

Reducing Duplication of Services

“The most significant advantage of using VIPR,” Noelle explains, “is reducing the duplication of services. Knowledge of tests that patients have received elsewhere means that the providers at Traverse Health Clinic do not have to order the same or similar tests or labs. The patient receives care and services faster, because we do not have to wait for the results to come back.”

Traverse Health Clinic has been using VIPR for almost six months. Ten staff members currently access the tool through the secure web portal.

Knowing Patients Better

Tena shared, “GLHC has been very helpful for finding radiology reports, laboratory results, and Emergency Room discharge notes for patients who are new to the area. I look forward to using VIPR more with my patients.”

When asked about advice that she would give to other community health clinics evaluating or using VIPR, Noelle recommends giving staff across the organization access to VIPR. Nurses, medical assistants, and providers will all experience the benefits that it offers.

Find out more about Traverse Health Clinic on their website, www.traversehealthclinic.org.

This blog is part of the #RealWorldHIE series, highlighting the successes of Great Lakes Health Connect participants.