#RealWorldHIE – Munson Healthcare Endocrinology and Metabolism Department

Written by: GLHC

Health Information Exchange and Endocrinology

VIPR becomes essential tool for Endocrinology and Metabolism Department

Munson Healthcare is northern Michigan’s largest and leading health care system and they were among the hospitals that founded Great Lakes Health Connect. Based in Traverse City, MI, their team of medical experts, nine award-winning community hospitals, and related organizations serve people in 30 counties.

Collaborative partnerships with major health care systems across Michigan, including Michigan Medicine, Spectrum Health, and Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, bring additional expertise to patients in northern Michigan. Learn more about Munson Healthcare on their website, www.munsonhealthcare.org.

Making a different in workflow

The Endocrinology and Metabolism department at Munson Medical Center uses the Great Lakes Health Connect (GLHC) Virtual Integrated Patient Record (VIPR) every day to prepare charts and retrieve patient’s laboratory results. According to Melette English, VIPR user within the department, “It is the most helpful, easy, and handy tool around. No more sitting on the phone or waiting for a fax.”

Three healthcare providers and 10 staff members within the department use VIPR to save time and enhance patient care. VIPR complements their existing workflows, delivers the right information to the right person at the right time, and meets the highest privacy and security standards. Set up was easy and new staff learn VIPR from GLHC training resources.

Melette adds, “I am so thankful for VIPR, it is an essential tool for our department.”

Expanding Interoperability across Michigan

Over 200 organizations across Michigan contribute demographic and clinical information to VIPR, representing 10 million patient records. Melette “hope(s) that in the near future even more hospitals in our area will contribute information so that we have the most up to date and essential clinical information for our patients.”

This blog is part of the #RealWorldHIE series, highlighting the successes of Great Lakes Health Connect participants.