#RealWorldHIE – Capital Urological Associates

Written by: Emmalilly Hoxsie

Gaining Efficiencies, Ensuring Patient Safety

Capital Urological Associates (CUA) is located in Okemos, MI and is a division of Compass Health. Their mission is to provide efficient, high quality care in a compassionate and energetic environment. The providers and staff of Capital Urological Associates care about each of their patients and about each other.

Capital Urological Associates uses Great Lakes Health Connect (GLHC) solutions to streamline their office workflow and enhance their ability to deliver optimal patient care.

Capital Urological Associates

Karen Houchlei, Office Manager at CUA, first learned about Great Lakes Health Connect at a Michigan Medical Group Management Association conference. Learning about how GLHC could help Capital Urological Associates receive test results from multiple locations directly and discreetly into their EMR through a single interface got her attention.

The GLHC interface allows test results from many different hospitals and healthcare systems across Michigan to flow directly into their electronic medical record (EMR) system. Previously, Capital Urological Associates would need to connect to each hospital individually, receive the necessary information outside of their EMR, then manually scan and enter the data into the patient’s electronic chart. Many times this meant multiple phone calls to the hospital and receiving the results in hard copy via fax.

In describing their relationship with GLHC, Karen said, “We (Capital Urological Associates) started working with GLHC in 2014 which was the beginning of the Meaningful Use push for “discrete data”.  It was a perfect opportunity to satisfy measures within the Meaningful Use menu-set and to provide more efficient work flows within our office.”

She continued, “Every staff member benefits from our interface with GLHC. The results come into our patient charts automatically, without the need for us to call or fax. The Medical Assistant(s) assigned to track results rarely need to do more than watch the patient’s chart. We receive the results in “real time”. Our providers can act on them appropriately and in a timely fashion.”

“The front office staff are no longer bogged down with receiving faxes that need to be scanned and indexed into patient charts,” she says. “Our billing office also uses the interface and the results as a tool to ensure that all services provided were billed appropriately,” she added.

Capital Urological Associates is currently receiving results from three area health systems. They also have access to VIPR, the GLHC community health record of over 10 million patients with demographic information and clinical results. By leveraging these services, they able to improve the efficiency of their office, ensure patient safety, and meet their goals for reporting quality measures.

Find out more about the services they provide on their website, www.capitalu.com. Also, check out their extensive list of education articles on a variety of urological topics and issues!

This blog is part of the #RealWorldHIE series, highlighting the successes of Great Lakes Health Connect participants.