#RealWorldHIE – Cadillac Family Physicians

Written by: Emmalilly Hoxsie

Teamwork and Information Technology

Cadillac Family Physicians is a primary care practice committed to providing a total patient centered experience through compassionate and personal health care.

The providers, nurses, clerical, lab, and x-ray staff of Cadillac Family Physicians personally facilitate and coordinate the best care for patients and their family. They use teamwork and information technology to provide quality care and to coordinate services with other qualified professionals in the community.

One valuable information technology asset used by staff at Cadillac Family Physicians is the Great Lakes Health Connect Virtual Integrated Patient Record (VIPR).

The medical records team explains, “We are able to find medical records from multiple facilities at one time in one place. Before having access to VIPR, we would have to send multiple medical record requests and endure lengthy processing time.”

They continued, “Using VIPR also helps our practice be environmentally friendly. We save paper by being able to input records directly in our electronic medical record system.”

Most importantly, using VIPR directly influences patient care and the patient experience at Cadillac Family Physicians. Staff report that, “when we use VIPR to prepare charts, the doctors have more time to review medical records before seeing the patient and the patients don’t have to wait as long before seeing the doctor.”

In collaboration with GLHC staff, Cadillac Family Physicians has plans to offer more staff training on how to use VIPR. By using the tool more efficiently, they will be able to follow up with patients faster. “This is especially important in the case of Emergency Room follow up visits that happen early in the morning.”

Learn more about Cadillac Family Physicians on their website: cadillacfamilyphysicians.com.


This blog is part of the #RealWorldHIE series, highlighting the successes of Great Lakes Health Connect participants.