Why is health information exchange (HIE) important to you?

Can I choose not to share my medical records electronically?

You can elect not to participate in GLHC, which means none of your health care providers will be able to access your health information electronically. If you would like to opt out, ask your health care provider to send us your completed form-  Great Lakes Health Connect Participation Change Form, click GLHC Opt Out Form

Health information is gathered and stored in many different places – most often on paper and sometimes with no backup copy. Even when information is stored electronically, your information is not typically connected to other information databases. Health information exchange (HIE) electronically moves personal health information securely among doctors, hospitals and other health care providers when it is needed for your care.

Your health care provider exchanges electronic medical records through Great Lakes Health Connect (GLHC). GLHC complies with all state and federal regulations regarding the privacy and security of health information.

How does health information exchange benefit you?

Through GLHC’s HIE, your health information is available to your health care providers in the following ways:

• Your health information is available quickly in case of a medical emergency, even if you are unconscious.

• Your test results, lab reports and radiology reports will get to your physician faster.

• Your records immediately follow you when you see specialists or change doctors.

• Your health care providers can avoid duplicating any treatments already ordered by other providers, saving you time and out-of-pocket expenses.

• Your health care providers can more easily coordinate your care as a team.