Carol Health continues innovative approach by joining Michigan’s premier provider of patient health information exchange

July 5, 2018 | 1:18 pm

Carol Health, a mobile app-based, on-demand home health service, has joined Great Lakes Health Connect (GLHC)!

Through this connection, Carol Health nurses have access to the GLHC Virtual Integrated Patient Record (VIPR), a cloud-based system that stores and organizes the health information of over nine million patients. More than 200 organizations across the state contribute health information into the VIPR database.

Carol Health provides home care services requested through a smartphone application, over the phone, or from the Carol Health website and connects caregivers and patients with an expert nurse, who can make an in-person house call in less than an hour. This is crucial, especially among older Americans because according to a 2015 AARP report, there are over 43 million Americans caring for a loved one for an average of 24 hours or more per week1.

Coordinating care is more easily achieved in West Michigan since the launch of this innovative service as nurses are now armed with access to one of the most complete and easy-to-use online health exchanges will only further streamline this process.

“With such easy access to our patient’s record, GLHC has provided better insight for our nurses, who are able to see the bigger picture and provide more tailored care to each of our clients,” says Mike Czechowsky, Clinical Innovation Specialist at Carol Health. “This also ensures other providers can make decisions with the most up-to-date information when treating our clients in addition to seeing the care that Carol Health has already provided,” he continued.

“We (GLHC) pride ourselves on supporting our partners in finding innovative ways to improve the delivery, experience, and outcomes of care,” added Doug Dietzman, GLHC Executive Director. Doug continued, “Carol Health’s ‘just in time’ approach and flexible use of patient facing technology shows great promise. We are privileged to contribute to their success.”






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