Embracing Purpose & Reflecting Change

Written by: Brian Mack

Great Lakes Health Connect (GLHC) is excited to announce the debut of our refreshed brand image. Our intent in making this change is to more clearly reflect and communicate the breadth and depth of services, stakeholder value, and commitment to community that we work hard as an organization to deliver each and every day.

Since our inception, GLHC has been focused on leveraging health information technology to empower providers at the point of care. This proposition continues to be a fundamental tenant of our mission. We have worked diligently at building out a statewide network of connected hospitals, physician offices, and allied care organizations. Our solution offerings have grown organically, in direct response to the specific needs of the community, and with an intentional emphasis on flexibility that recognizes the unique workflow of each organization and role within. GLHC is the only dedicated Health Information Exchange organization in Michigan, connecting participants from Three Rivers to Alpena, Charlevoix to Monroe, and everywhere in between.

There are few business sectors as subject to change in recent years as healthcare and information technology. When the concept of electronic sharing of patient health information was still in its infancy, we worked to build a critical mass of point-to-point connections. Our original tagline, “Intelligence Connected”, and communication style, reflected an emphasis on this core competency.

But our corporate philosophy and approach to business has always acknowledged that information technology is not an end in-and-of itself. Rather, technology is a means to the end of stronger relationships between organizations, providers, and their patients. All to inform the delivery of better care, such that it produces improved health outcomes at lower cost. Our current tagline better reflects this perspective – “Creating Care-Connected Communities”. It points the spotlight outward, and reminds us that we are NOT in the technology business; we are in the CARING business. This affirmation continues to resonate, and will be carried forward with our new identity.

Leveraging cutting-edge health information technology is, and will continue to be, a core competency for GLHC. Likewise, the foundational work of building point-to-point connections to scale the size and value of our network continues. But the landscape at the intersection of healthcare and technology is morphing at lightning speed, and GLHC has adapted to meet the ever-evolving needs of healthcare providers and systems; and an expanding range of other types of organizations too.

This broadened scope is displayed in our ongoing work with the Flint community to assure that the technological infrastructure and actionable health data needed in the wake of the water crisis is available to support patients for the long-term. Another example is the recent integration of Making Choices Michigan as a wholly-owned subsidiary of GLHC, to assist Michigan communities in completing Advance Care Directives and make those documents electronically available to providers at the point-of-care.

Recently we realized that our existing branding and communication style still projected the technological bias; limiting our ability to be perceived as a community partner and resource. It no longer adequately described the scope of services we offer or the activities we are engaged in to meet the implicit commitment in our tagline. It became apparent that the time to refresh our organizational image and brand presence had come.

After months of introspection, asking input from stakeholders, and several progressive iterations of design, we are ready for our big reveal.

Healthcare is a complex and challenging industry, and we’re here to help. Great Lakes Health Connect is committed to providing cutting-edge health information technology services to meet technical demands and also to partnering with our participants to facilitate conversations, and create the community-based network connections that are critical to REAL transformation of the healthcare system.

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