Dr. Joyce Lee – GLHC 2019 Summit Series Keynote Speaker

Written by: Brian Mack

Over the next several months, we are excited to introduce the six individuals who will serve as Keynote Speakers during the GLHC 2019 Summit Series!

2019 Summit Series

The barriers that stand between current state and optimal state of the healthcare system, are complicated and numerous. These barriers prevent organizations and providers from delivering, coordinating, and tracking patient care. By harnessing the power of technology and relationships, we can break down those barriers.

Organizations, departments, teams, and individuals, must create environments that reward and exude creativity, flexibility, and excellence. By connecting these cultural characteristics, we can achieve a fully sustainable and integrated healthcare ecosystem. This is what inspired the theme of the 2019 Summit Series… “Breaking down barriers – connecting cultures of healthcare.”

Over the last five years, the GLHC Summit Series has provided education on the value of health information technology, highlighted the impact across the care continuum, and encouraged the community to maintain momentum in care transformation. This year, our goal is to demonstrate the integral role that patients can and do play as collaborators in this process, and how technology can help facilitate their engagement. Each of this year’s keynote speakers were chosen with that focus in mind.

Dr. Joyce Lee

Dr. Joyce Lee Physician, Designer, and Research Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Michigan

Joyce Lee, MD, MPH will deliver the afternoon keynote at the Metro Detroit Summit, September 27 at the Michigan State University Management Education Center in Troy, MI.

Dr. Lee is a Physician, Designer, Researcher, and the Robert P. Kelch, MD, Research Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Michigan. Her work focuses on the development of learning health systems using the methods of clinical informatics, quality improvement, and patient-centered participatory design; studies of collaborative innovation networks and patient-centered innovation; and integration of the maker movement into healthcare.

She has been published in over 90 peer-reviewed journals, has served as Principal Investigator for a number of National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants, and was a visiting scholar at Google Life Sciences.

Dr. Lee also co-leads an interdisciplinary collaborative called HealthDesignBy.Us that champions patient-centered participatory design, applying the model of the “maker movement” to healthcare. Their mission is to facilitate the design thinking process between patients and healthcare professionals to create opportunities for innovation in education, research, and clinical care delivery.

In selecting Dr. Lee as a Keynote Speaker, the Summit Series Planning Committee was drawn to the unique and counter-intuitive approach she applies to problem solving for some of the most nagging challenges in healthcare. Inspired by consumer technology brands like Apple, Google, and Airbnb, Dr. Lee leverages user-based design methods that inspire and empower laypeople to find creative solutions for managing their own care. She is in much demand as a lecturer on this topic, and regularly presents at conferences, academic centers and federal agencies. 

Connect with Dr. Lee on Twitter (@joyclee), on her blog, www.medium.com/@joyclee, or at her website, www.doctorasdesigner.com.

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