Dave deBronkart – 2019 Summit Series Keynote Speaker

Written by: GLHC

Over the next several months, we are excited to introduce the six individuals who will serve as Keynote Speakers during the GLHC 2019 Summit Series!

2019 Summit Series

The barriers that stand between current state and optimal state of the healthcare system, are complicated and numerous. These barriers prevent organizations and providers from delivering, coordinating, and tracking patient care. By harnessing the power of technology and relationships, we can break down those barriers.

Organizations, departments, teams, and individuals, must create environments that reward and exude creativity, flexibility, and excellence. By connecting these cultural characteristics, we can achieve a fully sustainable and integrated healthcare ecosystem. This is what inspired the theme of the 2019 Summit Series… “Breaking down barriers – connecting cultures of healthcare.”

Over the last five years, the GLHC Summit Series has provided education on the value of health information technology, highlighted the impact across the care continuum, and encouraged the community to maintain momentum in care transformation. This year, our goal is to demonstrate the integral role that patients can and do play as collaborators in this process, and how technology can help facilitate their engagement. Each of this year’s keynote speakers were chosen with that focus in mind.

Dave deBronkart

Dave deBronkart / e-Patient Dave Author and Advocate

Dave deBronkart will present the morning keynote address at the GLHC West Michigan Summit, to be held at the Prince Conference Center on the campus of Calvin University on Thursday, November 14th, 2019.

The Diagnosis

In January 2007, Dave deBronkart was diagnosed with Stage IV kidney cancer. His median length of survival at diagnosis was projected at just 24 weeks. He had tumors in both lungs, several bones, and muscle tissue. His prognosis was grim. Under the care of Dr. Danny Sands and his team at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Dave underwent extensive surgery to remove the cancer. After that, he joined a clinical trial for a powerful high dosage chemotherapy treatment. He completed the treatment regimen in July 2007, and by September of that year, it was clear that he beat the disease.

A year after his diagnosis, Dave was invited to share his story at a retreat of “e-Patient” scholars. This group was working to create a new paradigm of “Participatory Medicine”, engaging patients as potent agents in managing their own health in partnership with physicians. Dave immediately saw himself as a match with the description of e-patients – empowered, engaged, equipped, and enabled.

The Calling

He described his experience at the “e-Patient” scholars retreat as “the first time in my life I had felt a calling; something I couldn’t get away from; it’s what I needed to do.” In his professional life prior to his illness, he had been an accomplished speaker and writer. He became an active blogger on e-patients.net, and devoted himself to healthcare full time in 2010. Today Dave is an internationally sought after speaker and author, known to his global online following as “ePatient Dave”.  He is among the world’s best known advocates for opening health care information directly to patients, and redefining how medical information is delivered, accessed, and used.

Learn more about Dave by checking out his website, www.epatientdave.com, or by following him on Twitter @epatientdave.

See Dave in Michigan

GLHC is thrilled to welcome Dave as a Keynote Speaker for the 2019 Summit Series. His personal testimony and mission are an ideal complement to this year’s theme, “Breaking Down Barriers – Connecting Cultures of Healthcare”. Don’t miss Dave’s engaging and thought provoking presentation at the 2019 West Michigan Summit! Register today!