New Year New VIPR

Great Lakes Health Connect has been a community resource, technology expert, and national thought leader for the better part of 10 years. Their network of healthcare providers and organizations spans Michigan and the entire care continuum. GLHC solutions complement existing workflows, deliver the right information to the right person at the right time, and meet the highest privacy and security standards.

In this era of drastic change in healthcare, it is crucial that health information technology also changes and adapts.

The GLHC community health record, known as the Virtual Integrated Patient Record (VIPR) is getting a makeover in January 2019. The changes are in direct response to evolving needs of the community. GLHC will continue to provide the best technology and customer support for years to come.

VIPR 2019 will help support how organizations continue to reinvent care delivery, enhance the care experience, and reduce the cost of care.

A Robust Understanding of Patient Care History

Better information leads to more accurate diagnosis and treatment, meaning you can give your patients the care that meets their individual needs. VIPR gives you access to the information that fuels their health.

Reduced​ ​Redundancy,​ ​Improve​d ​Outcomes

VIPR​ ​provides:

• Real time access to statewide patient health information
• Enriched communication and administrative efficiency
• A detailed record of interactions and medical history
• Support informed care decisions
• Improve continuity, coordination, and timeliness of care

Benefits of VIPR 2019:

  • Improved patient search
  • Improved navigation within the tool
  • Laboratory results shown as a trend
  • Patient demographics details on one page
  • Temporary patient consolidation view
  • Easy access to high-usage documents
  • Faster, more responsive interface
  • User access managed by the practice/org.
  • GLHC manages pace of changes

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Protecting​ ​Patients

Protecting patient information is a top priority as we collaborate with healthcare providers to improve health outcomes and healthcare value for patients. GLHC follows all Michigan and Federal laws when storing, organizing, and sharing health information.

Those who access protected health information are subject to strict privacy laws under HIPAA and must have a Treatment, Payment, or Operations (TPO) relationship with the patient.

VIPR is regularly audited to prevent unauthorized access to patient information.

Three Easy Ways to Access VIPR

  1. Web/URL Access – Use any internet browser to navigate to VIPR! After logging in, the straightforward patient search and user interface makes it easy to find the information you need to take care of your patients!
  2. Single Sign On – Use your EMR log in to go straight into VIPR. This eliminates the need to an additional username and password! It also looks at the patient the user is viewing in the EMR and brings up their record in VIPR, meaning the user spends no time spent searching for patients!
  3. Query and Retrieve – This access option scans all of the data in VIPR and brings it back in an organized Continuity of Care Document (CCD)!

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