Carla Smith – 2019 Summit Series Keynote Speaker

Written by: GLHC
Carla Smith- 2019 Summit Series - Keynote Speakers

Carla Smith

GLHC is pleased to welcome Carla Smith to present a special lunch-hour plenary session at the Capital Area Summit and the closing keynote at the West Michigan Summit. Carla Smith is the Chief Executive Officer of CarlaSmith.Health. She is a healthcare and health information technology leader with more than thirty years of experience.

Carla served for 17 years as Executive Vice President of the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS). HIMSS is the largest global trade organization focused on better health through information technology. While at HIMSS, she led US and Canadian strategies, through periods of tremendous growth. She launched several successful programs around public policy, workforce development, and the advancement of women in Health IT. Through these efforts, she helped to establish HIMSS as a global leader, resource, and change agent in both the public and private healthcare sectors.

When it was time to launch the next phase of her career, the bar was set high. Leveraging her years of experience, Carla now advises healthcare business, policy, investor, and non-profit leaders in the development of strategic growth opportunities.

Carla has had a front row seat to much of the ongoing transformation that has impacted the healthcare sector in recent years. She is a keen observer of the growth of entrepreneurial energy that is driving much of this change. Her insights will be of value as she has successfully led businesses and created coalitions that have enabled the health sector to embrace innovation and enhance value, quality, access, and efficiency. Her impact on the health sector is significant and well respected.

Connect with Carla by following her on LinkedIn or on Twitter @CarlaMSmith

Keynote Title: Harnessing Digital Health to Engage Consumers

Keynote Synopsis: From her vantage point as a strategic growth consultant and her 17-year tenure as Executive Vice President of HIMSS, Carla Smith will survey the digital healthcare landscape with a focus on how to leverage technology-based trends and insights to better engage consumers and patients. In particular, she will unpack the evolving role of health executives in driving engagement of an increasingly diverse patient population, and what it means to promote health literacy within the current context of the health ecosystem.

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