For years GLHC has made minor changes and improvements to the Referral Application.

GLHC is in the process of rolling out a significant upgrade, called the Bridge Referral Application.

There are major improvements to the user interface, making it easier to organize referrals and message between offices. The upgraded application will no longer store referral data locally, ultimately enhancing the speed and performance of the tool. Future functionalities are already in development for roll out after the upgrade, including an EMR sensor and additional reporting and tracking capabilities.

Healthcare providers and community service organizations in and around Genesee County have been using the Bridge Referral Application since the fall of 2017. The migration of the statewide network is scheduled for June 19, 2019. The following dates and actions do not apply to the Referral Application users and organizations in the Flint and Genesee County area.

Statewide Network Migration Timeline

  • May 28 – Referral Administrators can begin accessing the Bridge Referral Application.
  • May 28 – June 14 – Referral Administrators complete the following actions:
    • Review and activate current users and providers – previously created Bridge passwords are still valid.
    • Remove any users that have left your organization.
    • Review and update the organization’s questionnaire (homepage).
    • Run the Data Migration Utility tool – more information coming soon!
  • June 17 – Last day to manage referrals in the iNexx Command Center Referral Application.
  • June 18 – No referral activity in either the iNexx Command Center or the Bridge Referral Application.
  • June 19 – The statewide network begins using the new Bridge Referral Application!

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Migration Utility Tool

The Migration Utility Tool makes it possible for the statewide Referral Network to transition from the iNexx Command Center to the Bridge Referral Application. Find the links to download at the end of this section!

Broadly speaking, the tool copies referrals from the iNexx Command Center and puts them into the Bridge Referral Application. The tool uses the referral created date and the last modified date to decide if it needs to be copied. All referrals previously copied into the Bridge Referral Application are available and will not be duplicated.

Dates + Instructions

  • Prior to June 18, 2019 – Consider running the Migration Utility Tool. This will reduce the time needed to run the tool later.
  • June 18, 2019 – Final day to run the Migration Utility Tool.  All referrals must be migrated by 6:00 pm. We cannot guarantee that all data will migrate properly if the Migration Utility Tool is run after June 18.
  • Review the Migration Utility Tool User Guide before running the tool!
  • To begin the migration, confirm login to the Server/machine where iNexx is installed. The Migration Utility Tool must be run on the machine that iNexx is installed on.

User Guide

  • System requirements
  • User requirements
  • Instructions
  • Frequently asked questions

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User Training

For years, GLHC has made minor changes and improvements to the Referral Application. We are in the process of rolling out a significant upgrade, called the Bridge Referral Application, to the statewide Referral Network. There will be major improvements to the user interface and enhancements to overall speed and performance of the tool.

Training Video

This 30 minute training video shows Referral Users the layout of the application and demonstrates how to send, receive, and manage referrals.

Implementation Consultant Training Sessions

If your organization has more than 10 users and/or multiple locations, an implementation consultant can come to you! Contact your implementation consultant directly to set up a time!

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User Guides

Administrator User Guides

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Looking for Flint / Genesee County specific information?

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