An Interview with Eileen Mullin, Director of Health Information Management at Michigan Surgical Hospital

Written by: GLHC

February 4, 2019

In November 2018, GLHC helped Michigan Surgical Hospital (MSH) establish a bi-directional connection with the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR). This solution will help healthcare providers across the hospital enhance care and reduce costs. Eileen Mullen, Director of Health Information Management, shares more about what makes Michigan Surgical Hospital unique and why they joined the GLHC network.


What is Michigan Surgical Hospital?

Michigan Surgical Hospital is a small, boutique, physician-owned hospital located in Metro Detroit.


What services does MSH provide?

MSH offers surgical services, specialty clinics, community screenings, radiology, laboratory and translation services. They specialize in surgeries for the back and neck, vascular system, orthopedics, podiatrics (feet and ankle), and the gastrointestinal system. They also provide general surgery services.


How did you personally become interested in a career in health information management?

Eileen, “I became interested in health information while I was mid-career as a market analyst for consumer products. My interest stemmed from a personal experience I had during labor and delivery. A member of my care team forgot to take some key steps. Since I knew the system they were using I could remind them of the crucial missed steps. Luckily, another staff member randomly caught the error just in time and though the doctor had expected the worst – our son is just fine. Because of that experience, I have focused my career on exploring the potential impacts of decision support for front-line clinical staff.”


What are some best practices that MSH follows when it comes to health information technology and exchange?

Michigan Surgical Hospital has a team of highly skilled health information technology and management professionals on staff. The HL7 experts, as well as outside consultants and vendors, make sure that MSH staff have the patient information that they need. Eileen commented, “I work with great people. Health information is central to the whole hospital. I am always learning something new.”

How and why did MSH become a GLHC participant?

Eileen, “MSH needed to meet a Meaningful Use/Promoting Interoperability objective. We heard about GLHC from our EMR consultant. Throughout the entire implementation, GLHC was very friendly and helpful.”


What GLHC services does MSH use?

Michigan Surgical Hospital uses GLHC services to meet Meaningful Use/Promoting Interoperability objectives. The connection to GLHC allows MSH to send immunization related information to Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR), the central repository of immunization information in Michigan. Additionally, MSH is using Immunization Query. Immunization Query allows MSH’s healthcare providers to search and return information on their patients from MCIR. This bi-directional communication is also called “Query by Parameter” or QBP.

All of this functionality happens within MSH’s electronic medical record system. Julie Klausing explains why it is so important to have functionality built into the EMR, “GLHC clients have always expressed a strong desire to stay within their own systems, rather than jumping around logging in and out of multiple applications. The workflow of providers and staff is more efficient when they are able to access the information they need from within their own system.”

How can someone contact you if they have questions about MSH, Immunization Query, or just to chit chat about the latest news in health information technology?

More information about Michigan Surgical Hospital can be found on their website, Connect with Eileen Mullin, Director of Health Information Management at Michigan Surgical Hospital through email,, or through on LinkedIn!

Learn more about the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR) on their website,