Great Lakes Health Connect provides near real-time ADT Notifications of Emergency Room and Inpatient admissions, discharges and transfers for individual patients from various participating hospitals. These notifications can be obtained using the GLHC Command Center iNBox, a clinical document management tool, which can also display other various types of documents sent by participating hospitals, such as results that typically come by fax.

Providing these notifications in a common location and format (PDF) allows a provider office to consolidate multiple hospital feeds into one location, and then determine if action should be taken based on the level of service, location, diagnosis (if available) and disposition. Notifications are typically stored for 30 days.

Quick Reference Guide

  • Accessing the iNBox
  • Identifying Components of the iNBox
  • Locating ADT Notifications
  • Marking a Result as “Complete”
  • Viewing Individual Reports
  • Filtering/Searching
  • Customizing the iNBox View
  • Printing a Notification
  • Linking Results to the Command Center Patient Record

Command Center Resources