Admit. Discharge. Transfer.

ADT Notifications Keep You Up To Date

You care about your patients. Don’t lose track of them. ADT Notifications offer real time updates of patient admissions, discharges and more so you can serve them best.

ADT Notifications Benefits

  • Real-time alerting of your patient’s admissions and discharges available from over 90
    Michigan Hospitals
  • Access to clinical information, including admission or discharge reasons and dispositions
  • Assistance to providers for reducing 30 day readmissions

ADT notifications are available to anyone, specifically physician offices, medical centers, post-acute care facilities, community mental health, hospitals, physician organizations and other care coordination organizations, payers etc.


Delivery Options

  1. EMR Interface – Receive ADT messages directly in your EMR or registry for easy
  2. GLHC Inbox or Direct messages – ADT Notifications delivered as PDFs this way provide a worklist for staff and easy reporting features.

ADT Notifications keep you and your patients connected!