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Craig Meyer

Craig Meyer | Director, Technology Services and Support

Craig leads and manages the development and maintenance of the GLHC technology platforms. His team provides technical support to end users. When not in the office, he can be found out on the hardwood, splashing 3’s and teaching youth the art of the skyhook shot in his non-profit basketball program.

Tom Price

Tom Price | Systems Administrator

Tom oversees the improvements, operations, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the hardware and software infrastructure at GLHC. He is instrumental in moving forward with new and cutting edge technology. In his off time, Tom restores and rides vintage ATVs and spends several weekends each year riding at Silver Lake Sand Dunes. He is a huge fan of NASCAR and hopes to one day drive on the Michigan International Speedway track at over 180 miles an hour.

Justin Smith

Justin Smith | Sr. Systems Administrator

Justin is responsible for the configuration and upkeep of GLHC’s information technology infrastructure. On the weekends, Justin enjoys distance running and has completed several marathons; including the Grand Rapids Marathon, Walt Disney World Marathon, and the Singapore Marathon. If he could choose anywhere is the world to live, he would choose Singapore because of the comprehensive public transportation (he hates driving!) and exquisite cuisine.

Cody Clark

Cody Clark | Systems Administrator

Cody is responsible for the operations, maintenance, and support of the GLHC infrastructure.  He enjoys building embedded systems, programming microcontrollers, and creating circuits. His most recent project is creating Wi-Fi Temperature sensors to track the temperature of different rooms of his house, to find ventilation leaks, and where more insulation was needed.

Aaron Holoway

Aaron Holoway | Technical Support Representative

Aaron not only provides GLHC participants and users with excellent technical support, he also provides GLHC staff with a bit of comic relief. Aaron enjoys hunting, fishing, scuba diving, and boating. He makes great smoked fish dip and in 2011 he won the Holland Big Red Classic Fishing Tournament after reeling in the heaviest fish in the competition.

Josh Pettibone | Technical Support Specialist

Josh is a valued member of the Technical Support team. He is fascinated by programming and computer/networking and using that passion to help GLHC participants.  The best concert he has ever been to was to see Wavves at the Loft in Lansing in 2014. He lost a shoe and nearly a toe too, but it was completely worth it.