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Julie Klausing

Julie Klausing | Vice President, Product, Integration, & Operations

Julie manages GLHC operations with the same sense of adventure that she lives her life.  When she is not leading the GLHC team on a snow shoe trek through the frozen tundra (aka West Michigan), Julie likes to camp, hike, and bike through national parks around the country.  If you can catch up to her she can also be found kayaking and white water rafting in her free time.


Adam Gee

Adam Gee | Manager, Project Management

Adam enjoys leading projects that involve creating and designing new solutions.  He has love for adventure and is intentionally passing that on to the next generation by showing them God’s creation. Adam and his family hike backcountry trails and explore the diverse landscapes around the US in their pop-up camper.  When not adventuring on land, Adam also enjoys discovering underwater marvels as a scuba diver.


Heidi Newton

Heidi Newton | Project Manager

Heidi oversees a variety of technology development projects and participates in the planning of community volunteer events for GLHC. As a nurse, she understands how important it is to have patient information readily available. Outside of GLHC, Heidi enjoys running, reading, and cooking. She is in the process of running the six World Marathon Majors (Berlin, Chicago, NYC, London, and Boston).


Missy Porter

Missy Porter | Project Manager

Missy is a talented facilitator of cross-functional teams and enjoys the design and redesign of operational processes.  On the weekends, Missy likes to landscape in her backyard and watch hockey.

Diane Hopper| Project Manager

Bio coming soon!

Steve Spieker

Steve Spieker | Manager, Solution Support

Steve is the subject matter expert for many GLHC solutions.  His goal is to make sure that healthcare providers have a positive experience connecting to others in the community.  Steve also enjoys spending time with his wife on the White Pine Trail, gardening, and making videos for family and friends.


Beverly McKee

Beverly McKee | Solution Specialist

Bev is responsible for the community health record called VIPR as well as laboratory and radiology orders. Her free time is typically spent sailing on Lake Michigan and working out at her favorite gym.


Sean Young

Sean Young | Solution Support Specialist

Sean oversees the systematic computational analysis of GLHC data. When not using complicated formulas and calculations at work, Sean uses complicated formulas and calculations to determine how many miles per gallon his new car gets down to nearest tenth.


Rhonda Nixon | Solutions Support Specialist

Rhonda enjoys analyzing and organizing virtually everything so supporting the Solutions Team at GLHC is right up her alley.  When she’s not at work, you might find her baking with her nieces, playing volleyball, hosting game nights, watching sports, or snuggled up in her favorite chair with a good book and a hot cup of coffee.


Patrick Sagan | Manager, Business Intelligence

Patrick pursues “better living through data,” developing Business/Clinical intelligence solutions at GLHC.  Offline, he enjoys one-design sailboat racing, road tripping, and cooking.  Pat’s neighbors refer to his garage as “the laboratory” because you can often find Pat tinkering on a project, he prefers to call them “experiments”!


Kristian Trevino | Business Intelligence Software Developer

Kristian develops Business Intelligence solutions at GLHC. When he’s not at work, you can find Kristian outside enjoying the outdoors. Every year, Kristian takes a backpacking trip with four of his closest friends. He enjoys the adventure and hopes to see a bear on the trail someday.


Paul Riker

Paul Riker | Manager, Integration Analyst

Paul works with the EMR vendors, hospitals, and practices to implement and support EMR interfaces. His youngest child (son) is named after a former employer, where Paul and his wife worked when they met. Paul grew up in Illinois, but also attended high school in Seattle, Washington and Barboursville, West Virginia.


Brian Kyllonen

Brian Kyllonen | Team Lead, Integration Analyst

Brian provides development and support for all interface activity into and out of GLHC.  During downtime, Brian attempts to bring a little of his native California sunshine to Michigan.  While this heat is graciously appreciated by the GLHC staff during the cold winter months, he worries that it could be contributing to global warming.



Drew Spoelstra | Integration Analyst

Drew works with hospitals, practices, EMR vendors, and physician organizations to implement and support EMR interfaces and ADT Notifications. He enjoys hiking, camping, and fending off wild boars in the Smoky Mountains.

Bobby Hanna

Robert Hannah | Integration Support Analyst

Bobby supports the deployment and maintenance of  interfaces between GLHC, technology vendors, and healthcare organizations. His favorite hobby is studying history, because it tells us where we come from and is vital in understanding the paths we can take for the future.  If he could choose anywhere is the world to visit, he would travel to the Mediterranean because of the incredible amount of important historical landmarks located in the region.

Molly Rhodes| Business Systems Analyst

Considering her background in Mathematics, Molly thoroughly enjoys numbers and geeks out about “Pi Day” every March 14. She prides herself on her award winning guacamole and ability to make a grand cup of coffee. On the weekends, you can find Molly at the beach, in both summer and winter, or reading a book next to her chocolate lab, Duke.”

David Crawford | Integration Developer

David develops reports for GLHC, providing valuable information to participants so that they can enhance care and increase value. David enjoys programming at home in his free time, writing books, working on digital art, and playing volleyball with a local league. Life is a wonderful adventure!