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Doug Dietzman

Doug Dietzman | Chief Executive Officer

As Executive Director, Doug has responsibility for driving GLHC’s operational vision. When not steering the organization, he enjoys “trodding the boards” as a member of the Drama Ministry Team at Blythefield Hills Baptist Church in Rockford, MI.

Julie Klausing

Julie Klausing | Vice President of Product, Integration, & Operations

Julie manages GLHC operations with the same sense of adventure that she lives her life.  When she is not leading the GLHC team on a snow shoe trek through the frozen tundra (aka West Michigan), Julie likes to camp, hike, and bike through national parks around the country.  If you can catch up to her she can also be found kayaking and white water rafting in her free time.

Craig Meyer

Craig Meyer | Vice President of Technology Services and Support

Craig leads and manages the development and maintenance of the GLHC technology platforms. His team provides technical support to end users. When not in the office, he can be found out on the hardwood, splashing 3’s and teaching youth the art of the skyhook shot in his non-profit basketball program.

Stephanie Schultz

Stephanie Schultz | Vice President of Finance

Stephanie proudly wears the badge of atypical accountant.  She has a quirky creative side, which is best described as a cross between Martha Stewart and MacGyver. She has also mastered the arts of concession stand cuisine and grandstand colloquy, honed during the incalculable hours spent in the bleachers at softball, diving, volleyball, and competitive cheer events.

Lisa Mroz | Privacy & Security Officer

Lisa is responsible for ensuring the privacy and security of GLHC information. Lisa keeps even her lunch order under lock and key.