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Stephanie Schultz

Stephanie Schultz | Director, Finance

Stephanie proudly wears the badge of atypical accountant.  She has a quirky creative side, which is best described as a cross between Martha Stewart and MacGyver. She has also mastered the arts of concession stand cuisine and grandstand colloquy, honed during the incalculable hours spent in the bleachers at softball, diving, volleyball, and competitive cheer events.

Kate Teske

Kate Teske | Accounting & Office Administrator

Kate’s current hobbies include stain treatment, watching Peppa Pig, and convincing herself that grocery shopping is a relaxing escape.  Not only does she make sure that GLHC pays all its bills, she keeps the staff full of delicious sugar covered donuts.  She knows fine pastries when she sees them!

Meagan Zoodsma

Meagan Zoodsma | Administrative Support Specialist