A Decade of Health Information Exchange in Michigan

Written by: GLHC

By Doug Dietzman, GLHC CEO

Doug Dietzman

January 2020 brings the beginning of a new decade. My reflections today go back to the beginning of the last decade, January 2010.

Back then, I was excitedly working with a small group of organizations to finalize the creation of a new nonprofit, Michigan Health Connect (MHC).  We were dedicated to sharing clinical data between competing organizations to best care for patients. We did not know what the future would look like. However, we did know that we could figure it out if we worked together and focused on the best interests of patients and the professionals who cared for them.

By 2014, MHC had grown from a few founding health systems to a network of over 100 hospitals and thousands of other healthcare locations across the state. In that year, MHC merged with Great Lakes Health Information Exchange (GLHIE) to create Great Lakes Health Connect (GLHC). Having common missions and overlapping markets, we believed we could better serve Michigan by joining forces.  With a combined team of nearly 50 highly skilled staff members and a consolidated statewide provider network, GLHC continued to increase the value it delivered to its participants over the past five years.

Dawn of a new decade

GLHC is again at a new beginning. In 2019, we completed a major technology transition and finalized an affiliation with Michigan Health Information Network (MiHIN). Again, we believe we can better achieve our missions and best serve Michigan residents by combining forces. As in 2010, we do not know exactly what the future will look like. Nevertheless, we are confident we will figure it out. We are excited to continue to work collaboratively with Michigan healthcare stakeholders in the years ahead.

I am so very grateful for the opportunity to lead such a great team over the past decade and  am proud of our accomplishments. I am grateful for those original founding members and the many individuals who have supported GLHC over the years. I am grateful for each past and present GLHC team member and for  the vendor partnerships thatshaped our success. I am grateful that GLHC’s work and mission will continue for another decade as part of the MiHIN organization.

This will be another exciting year and transformational decade! May you be blessed with a happy and healthy 2020!