VIPR upgrade coming soon!

VIPR v7 will improve the user experience in many ways and has the ability to create CCDs on demand, an important functionality.

Most users will experience a seamless transition to the new version of VIPR. If you do experience a username or password issue, please contact GLHC Support at or (844) 454-2443.

User Guides, Videos, and Webinars are available for training!


Data Sources

Hospitals, ambulatory offices, and other organizations across the state are currently contributing clinical information to VIPR.

  • VIPR Data Sources- updated 06/02/2017 – Excel / PDF

Enrollment Form

Basic User Guides

Advanced User Guides

Linking Duplicate Patients

Privacy and Security

  • Protecting patient health information is a top priority. The following VIPR Privacy and Security reminders will help all VIPR users honor the privacy commitments made to patients.